Scripted Genius provides many resources and services to meet your needs. Some of these offerings are directly through us while others are offered through one of our current projects. Below is a sample of what topics we have expertise in and how it can apply to your personal or professional environment.

We offer expertise on the following subjects:

  • Family Therapy
  • Jewish-Christian Relations (via YidBrik)
  • Leadership & Coaching (via Scripted Genius)
  • Life Coaching
  • Life Planning
  • Meditation & Mindfulness (via YidBrik)
  • Parenting & Nurtured Heart
  • Semiotics; Symbolism & Metaphor – bringing texts to life (via YidBrik)
  • Spiritual Practices (via YidBrik)
  • Website Development & Social Media Management (via Scripted Genius)

Here are some ways we can help you and/or your organization:

Type of Service How to Get Started
Guest Contributor/WriterReligious: YidBrik
Coaching: YidBrik
Other: Scripted Genius
Interview for Article, Blog, or PodcastReligious: YidBrik
Coaching: YidBrik
Other: Scripted Genius
Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions and Guest Retreat Leader Religious: YidBrik
Non-Religious: Scripted Genius
Personal/Professional Life Coaching & Life Planning YidBrik
Seminars & Speaking Engagements Religious: YidBrik
Non-Religious: Scripted Genius
Staff Training & Professional Development Scripted Genius
Social Media ManagementScripted Genius
Website DevelopmentScripted Genius
We offer many additional services and variations – this list is just a starter. Have a potential idea? Contact Us to Get Started